I need a Setting spray now? Maddie explains why!

I need a Setting spray now? Maddie explains why!

Leslie IcussDecember 30, 2020

OMG I need a setting spray for my makeup now? The answer is 100% YES! 

We spend so much time each morning doing our makeup for it to only seem like it melts right off of your face an hour later! So why not do everything you can to make your makeup last that much longer? 

Maddie is obsessed with NYX Setting Spray! The first time she used the Dewy setting spray she could not believe how dewy it actually was! "It was like her skin was glowing, it completed the look!"

What makes this setting spray so awesome is you are able to get it in a dewy or matte finish. "The matte finish ensures your makeup stays all day long."  The price point is even more attractive! Stop by our online shop and pick yours up today!

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