Short hair, don't care!

Short hair, don't care!

Leslie IcussJanuary 13, 2021

Chop it off!  New Year - New You! 

Now, how do I style it? 

Short hair is currently trending and we are here for it! We sat down with Kilee and she gave us some great tips and tricks to get us off to a great start!  

Kilee likes to start with Redken's Aerate, while the hair is damp.  "Aerate adds body and volume without weighing the hair down, which is what makes it one of my go-to's."  Work a dime sized amount into your hair concentrating on the root.  Start blow drying with just your fingers to get some of the moisture out of your hair. Once your hair is about 60-80% dry, section it & start round brushing to get the desired volume.  Once the hair is dry, smooth out any fly-aways with your flat iron (Kilee recommends the GHD).  "I finish every look with Nude Hairspray,  it's simply the best!"  Nude not only adds shine, but has lots of moveable & workable hold.  It can give a short textured style a piecey finish without having that waxy look.  

New Year, New You & Great Hair (thanks to Kilee!)

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